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Cake Shop Mount Druitt

cake shop Mount Druitt

Cake Delivery in Mount Druitt- Online Cake Shop - Cakes By Arifa

Cakes By Arifa an online cake shop at Mount Druitt offers a wide variety of delightful & delicious cakes with cakes delivery in and around 35km in Mount Druitt.
We provide variety of personalized cakes for all occasions with love, care & affection to our cake lovers. All our cakes are Halal. Chat with us for your dietary requirements.
Our Cakes are designed to 'Wow' any celebration.
All cake designs are available in the ever-popular Vanilla Cake, Salted Caramel Cake, Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake and Lemon Cake.

Services We Provide

Cakes By Arifa – Our online cake shop is located at Mount Druitt to ensure easy availability of cakes. Offering a wide variety of delightful & delicious cakes in Sydney. We provide online services to our cake lovers and make their special moments more beautiful & memorable. We make handmade cakes with love, care & affection for all occasions. We believe in order to give delicious & real taste of the cakes we make. We make personalized cakes for all your special events & occasions whether it is for wedding, birthday, anniversary or special home celebrations.Our Cake Shop uses the finest ingredients in our cake ensuring the cakes we send to our cake lovers are of the utmost quality at every stage of cake making, packaging & delivery.

Cake Delivery and Pick up from Mount Druitt

We provide our services at Mount Druitt, Sydney. We serve our customers within 35 kilometres (24 mi) radius providing Pickup or drop.We believe in offering our cake services with love & care as if they were meant for the most beloved person.We invests heavily in adding a masterful, quality ingredients, from quality cakes for any event to custom birthday cakes, wedding cakes, or other quality treats for your forthcoming uncommon occasion in Mount Druitt.

Birthday Cakes

Cake By Arifa in Mount Druitt believes cakes for kids and birthday celebrations means lot for kids and beloved ones. It means world to us.
Our personalized cakes bring beaming smiles & make them smile a mile wider which are ones to die for. And these kids’ cakes are wondrously jam-packed with lot of fun.
Birthday cakes are often layer cakes with frosting served with small lit candles on top representing the celebrant's age. Our cake shop offers all flavours, which are sure to pack a punch year-round.
Making a birthday cake for kids which is made of fruits is a really healthy and interesting twist on the traditional sponge cake.
birthday cake mount druitt
wedding cakes mount druitt

Wedding & Anniversary cakes

A wedding and anniversary cakes is the customary cake served at wedding gatherings following supper.
We comprehend the cake is a celebratory creation enriched with blossoms and cutting a cake is a significant piece of the gathering.
We likewise comprehend our cake sweethearts' feelings and sentiments related with cake. Here, white icing is an image of wealth and social significance.
Wedding cakes are made to carry best of luck to all visitors and the couple.

Multi-Tiered Cakes (2-Tier / 3-Tier / 4-Tier)

single tier birthday cakes mount druitt

With multi-Tier cakes, it is conceivable to take the festivals, occasions, small functions of your friends and family to next level of happiness and makes them remarkable moments.

Going from 2-Tier cakes which is for small events, birthday, functions, 3-Tier cakes are wedding or anniversary cakes which is layered fondant truffle cakes, we have an array of multi-tier cake choices that you can send your loved ones as a badge of affection.

Single Tier Cakes

Single tier cakes can be the ideal size for all types of occasions & small events. A single tier cakes could be utilized to offer family or friends a wider range of flavours.
Cake by Arifa offers delicious & delightful single tier cakes which are made up of simple, elegant design by adding variety of flavours rather than extravagance.

Birthday Pricing Packages

Any design cake/any size cake (upto 1 tier only)
Customised Acrylic toppers (silver/gold)
1 dozen Cupcake, 1 dozen  dessert Cups
4 macaron tower (38 – 40 macaron)
Any design cake/any size cake (upto 2 tier only)
Customised Acrylic toppers (silver/gold)
1 dozen Cupcake, 1 dozen  dessert Cups
6 macaron tower (78 – 80 macaron)
Any design cake/any size cake (upto 3 tier only)
Customised Acrylic toppers (silver/gold)
1 dozen Cupcake, 1 dozen  dessert Cups, 1 dozen cookies
8 macaron tower (135 – 140 macaron)

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    Mount Druitt is in the nearby government territory of the City of Blacktown and is  important for the Greater Western Sydney locale. There are various smaller towns nearby comprising Willmot, Treqear, Bidwill, Dharuk, Blackett, Emerton, Lethbridge park, whalan.